Getting the Visitor’s IP address is very easy in PHP script or code. You can display the IP address of visitor on a webpage or you can use for security also.

For maintain security of website,It is very very important to know who is visiting your website or who browse your website.So for getting Visitor IP Address is very easy from PHP script.Firtly,you must have PHP hosting like if you have php hosting then you can learn this script very easy.

Simple Method:-

step1:-In the first step like tutorial just copy the below code.

Cool! – See how simple it is to get and display the ip address of your visitors to your sit.

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step2:-Paste the above code in notepad or dreamweaver.and Save it by “your_ip.php“.

step3:-Now upload This “your_ip.php“ file to your particular PHP hosting server.

step4:-Now Refresh Your Website and check First you will get your IP address.And Like wise you will get others IP Address.

Direct Methods:-

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