Install PhpMyAdmin on Ubuntu :

PhpMyAdmin is free MySql administration tool.It is basically used to administrative MySql database.Using PhpMyAdmin you can perform almost all major administrative tasks through their user interface like managing databases, indexes, creating tables, modifying tables etc.

How to configure PhpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 12.04 : 

Before installing phpmyadmin on ubuntu 12.04, you have to install and configure properly LAMP or three main packages apache, PHP and MySQL .If you have not installed LAMP then you can refer below link and configure your LAMP packages.
>>How to install LAMP on Ubuntu

Steps to install and configure PhpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 12.04: 

After installation LAMP, you can continue with the below steps to install and configure phpmyadmin :

Step 1 :- Run below command to Update ubuntu repositories .

Step 2 :- Install PhpMyAdmin by running below command.

Here apt-get is a package management tool used.Basically it is used to install all kind of packaged in Ubuntu.

Step 3 :- Now phpmyadmin installation is in progress.To configure installation correctly you will prompted to choose the type of web server for phpmyadmin . just choose “apache2″ and press ‘OK’ .

 « How to Set Up Virtual Hosts in Apache on Mac OS How to Install & configure phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu

Step 4 :-In next prompt, select ‘YES’ when asked whether ‘configure database for phpmyadmin with dbconfig-common’.

install and configure phpmyadmin in ubuntu

Step 5 :- In final and last prompt,  it’ll ask to enter database administrator’s password. You will then be asked to choose and confirm a password for the phpMyAdmin application itself.

Install phpmyadmin in ubuntu 12.04

Step 6 :-After completing installation process, please run below command to restart apache2 service.


Step 7 :-Thats it you have to do !!. Now open the url path “http://localhost/phpmyadmin” in the browser , you will prompted for username and password.Here you have to use same Mysql root username and password given during the Mysql installation . Now after successful login , you can find screen like below .

How to install phpmyadmin in ubuntu

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