Install CakePhp in xampp server on windows 7 or 8:

CakePHP is a free, open-source and PHP web development framework which employs the Model-View-Controller design pattern

How to configure CakePhp in xampp server on windows: 

For installation of  CakePHP with XAMPP , there are simple steps  you  need  to  follow  which  We  have  mentioned below.

Steps to install and configure Cakephp in xampp  on windows: 

Step 1 :- Required to Download the Necessary Files such as Xampp and Cakephp.

Step 2 :- Required to install Xampp.And after installing the Xampp with default options, Xampp files directory will be appear like this :-   c:\xampp (Its in C drive becuse we have installed  xampp in C drive).Xampp folder structure will be look like as below image:


Install cakephp in xampp server on windows

Step 3 :-  (Organize CakePHP files):After configuration of Xampp, first unzip cakePHP file and rename the cakePHP file such as we did “cake”(renamed cakePHP file) in below image.And files are located to the c:\xampp\htdocs\cake folder:

install cakephp in xampp on windows -cakephp folder tructure


Step 4 :-  (Mod Rewrite Module enable):After installation Xampp in local server then enable mod_rewrite. For that, just open the “httpd.conf” file located at “C:\xampp\apache\conf” and remove comment from following line by removing the ‘#’ symbol:

Step 5 :- (cakePHP database configuration ): Now we have to create database in your Xampp phpmyadmin by any name as we did “cake”(database name).After creating database you need to configure“database configuration file” named as “database.php.default” is located in C:\xampp\htdocs\app\config  folder.

Now Rename the ‘database.php.default’ file to ‘database.php’.And Finally Enter database username, password and database name into the “$default” connection variable which describe below.
Database connection string:-

Step 6 :- (Security configuration ):Now come to config directory that is “C:\xampp\htdocs\cake\app\Config” folder where we have to modify “core.php” file.Here we need to find “Security.salt” and “Security.cipherSeed” and follow below process.

a)If we find  “Security.salt” then we have to remove last five digit of random number and add

before chnages:-

after changes:


b)If we get “Security.cipherSeed” then we have to add only six digit number(985423) at last of random number.

before changes:-

after changes:-


Step 7 :-  (Run CakePHP) :Run “http://localhost/cake” in any browser and we will get green page where we can see  CakePHP is successfully configured with database. So now we have completed fresh installation of CakePHP in xampp on windows platform.Thanks!!

install cakephp in xampp success status