How to install/uninstall a .deb package file in Linux Ubuntu 16.04/14.04.Here we see manually install/uninstall .deb packages via the command line by dpkg command.

What is dpkg command (Debian Package Management System)?.

The dpkg command (Debian Package Management System) is used to install, remove ,build and provide information about .deb packages.

Find the syntax of the dpkg command below:

Where -i  is used to install the .deb package.

Now lets see how to Install  .deb Package by dpkg :

To install a .deb package you need to execute or run the dpkg command with sudo command.

For example:

if you have file named YOUR_PACKAGE_NAME.deb to install then you should run below command:

How to Remove or uninstall .deb Package from Ubuntu by dpkg command:

To remove or uninstall a .deb package from linux and ubuntu 16.04/14.04, simply run the belowcommand:


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