In this tutorial you will learn echo and print statements, use of echo and print to display output in browser as well as difference between PHP echo and print.


In the previous tutorial that is Day 3 ( Tutorial for PHP Echo and Print) program, We learnt that what is variable , type of variable and scope of variable in PHP. And Now it is Day 4 tutorial, where we will learn use and difference of  PHP Echo and Print statement.

PHP Echo / Print statement:- 

  • echo() and print() are not function but language constructs in PHP.
  • Have two basic ways to get output.
  • echo and print both are the same which display the output on the screen

I.  Learn about PHP echo statement:-

  • echo is a statement used to display result on screen. It can be used with parentheses or without parentheses.
  • With parentheses: echo()
  • Without parentheses: echo.

Example of PHP echo statement:-


You will get OUTPUT below when you execute above program:-

PHP is echo!

Hello friends !
I’m about to learn PHP!
This string was made with multiple parameters.

II.  Learn about PHP print statement:

  • Print statement also used to display result on the screen. It can also use with or without parentheses.

Example of PHP print statement:-

You will get OUTPUT below when you execute above program:-

PHP is print!

Hello world!
I’m about to learn PHP!

Difference between Echo and Print :-
difference between echo and print


Echo statement

Print statement

  • echo can take more than one parameter when used without ­parentheses.
  • The syntax is echo expression [, expression [, expression] … ].
  • Note: that echo ($arg1,$arg2) is invalid.

print only takes one parameter.

It is faster than print

it is slower than echo

­ Using Echo can pass multiple string separated by ( , )

using print we cannot pass multiple argument

echo does not return any value

print always return 1 (integer)


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