Learn the basics of PHP and installation of php in Introduction tutorial for beginner. A brief introduction on PHP with features , installation and advantages of using PHP.

What is PHP?.
a>PHP is an acronym for “PHP Hypertext Preprocessor”.
b>PHP is one of the most Web Development programming languages.
c>More than Millions of web Developer are using PHP to create dynamic and interactive Application.
d>PHP is Open Source.
e>PHP is very easy to use.
f>PHP is also Known as Server Scripting language.

Which Stuff is mostly required before starting with PHP?.

Before Starting a Website Development with PHP these step you need to take:-

a>Insall WampServer or appServ package (for Windows) or XAMPP also for window.

b>You may need to search either WampServer or appServ package on the web and download it. The package comes with Apache Web Server, MySql database, PHP language, and phpMysqlAdmin tool.

c>After installing XAMPP or WampServer or appServ package, you might want to see whether your web server is ready or not.

d>Open you browser, and type http://localhost/. If you have properly installed it, you will see the screen as shown below.

php tutorial for begineer

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