Reliance Jio offers 100 percent cashback on JioFi Routers or device for its Rs. 1,999 JioFi routers – with exchange, users get Rs. 2,010 worth of data, and without, they get Rs. 1,005 worth.

Reliance Jio offers 100 per cent cashback on JioFi Routers


Reliance Jio is offering 100 per cent cashback for those who buy the JioFi device, and exchange an old dongle, router, 4G card along with this. The 100% cashback offer is listed on the Jio website under the devices segment. JioFi device is a hotspot device, which lets users rely on a Jio SIM to set up a WiFi hotspot and power other devices.

So how does this 100 per cent cashback scheme work for JioFi users? According to the offer’s terms and conditions, which are mentioned on the website, under the Dongle Exchange scheme, a user will have to pay Rs 1,999 to buy JioFi online, and in turn they will get benefits worth Rs 2,010.

This Rs 2,010 cashback is actually worth 10 top-up vouchers, which are priced at Rs 201 each. Jio calls this the “effective 100% cashback for the JioFi.” So technically, the cashback is in the form of some extra data.

If you don’t have an old Dongle to exchange, then the customer who buys the JioFi device online will benefits of only Rs 1,005. This is equal to five top-up vouchers of Rs 201. This puts the JioFi device price at Rs 994.

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