Here we will see , how to install or setup Pinta Image editor in ubuntu or any other OS by use of command line or command prompt.

how to install pinta image editor in ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04

What is Pinta Image Editor?.

  • Pinta is a free and open source image editor for multiple platform.
  • Pinta image editor includes all basic drawing tools like paintbrush, pencil and shapes.
  • This editor is having ability to draw common image-editing features and effects.
  • For non professional designer it works perfect for image resizing or optimization.
  • This editor can be installed on Linux, BSD, OS X and windows

Now let see How to Install Pinta Image Editor on Ubuntu 16.04/14.0.To install it, open up a terminal window (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run below command:

Above code used to get repository data for pinta image editor.

Above code will update your systems complete repository with pinta editor repository.

Above code to install pinta image editor in your system.Now after running above code you can search pinta in your search panel of ubuntu (find below for reference).


How to Install Pinta Image Editor on Ubuntu 16.04/14.0

Thats it !!!.


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