In WordPress projects many time it happened that in home page or any other pages client can ask to call two pages content it is little difficult to do like.this problem i already faced with one client.Client asked 3 pages content in one page.

so after lot of doing google i found this precious solution what i am explainig.please go thorugh it .and it worked fantastic for me.

suppose you have 3 page like pageA,pageB and pageC.but you want all 3 pages content in please follow the steps.

Simple Method:-

step1:-please copy this code and paste into “function.php” page of wordpress.

step2:-1>After pasting the above code in function page now open page where you want more than one pages content.
2>paste this code in that page.And make sure in which area you are adding this code in page.

It will show content of “about” page in your another page.Thats all you need do.

Direct Methods:-

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